Why I love the Bay Area

I of course am referring to the San Francisco Bay Area, the vibrant, diverse urban area that I identify with. After my undergraduate years, I lived in the Bay Area for five years and recently returned at the top of 2012. So, what are some things I love about this place?

* WAY TO GO GIANTS for winning the World Series this time! I was able to celebrate in 2002 when they made it to the playoffs and even though I don’t follow sports, the pride came out for this one.
* Clipper Cards: multi-transit system electronic payment. Easy, efficient, convenient.
* Trilingual bus announcements: English, Cantonese, Spanish. Love it.
* Weekly curbside composting with the recycling and trash! In Las Vegas, recycling is only collected once every two weeks!
* My housemate drives a bio-diesel powered Volkswagen, and last week I read about a local craftswoman who rigged her bicycle into a yarn spinning machine
* People are smart and humble! When I lived in New York City, I got the inflated ego, upwardly mobile with no end vibe (biased, surely, by being a poor dancer).
* It’s January and it’s in the 60s. I jump rope on my back porch and watch the sunset colors over the ocean.
* I love walkable neighborhoods. Yesterday I walked to do my errands–fitness class, donating blood at the American Red Cross, going to the post office, and meeting a friend for dinner.
* The food… oh my. Vegetarian/vegan options galore, and fresh California grown produce.

It might be the “just arrived” excitement where I see everything in a positive light, but you know, I enjoy the small things that add up to a pleasant living environment.


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