Just the ones I can speak about personally. Just two, really 🙂 What job allows spontaneous time off to ride for a week straight multiple times a year?

  • Ride the Rockies: Their tagline is “The landmark Colorado ride.” Multiday van supported for your luggage with a number of add-ons that make your trip more comfortable. Really affordable, really well signed, tons of volunteers, and cycling related events at host cities. Great partnership with host cities, as opposed to other rides that just breeze in and out. Prizes: some regulars of the ride go for the multiple opportunities for swag along the route. I met some people who had done the ride over 10 times and volunteers who have volunteered over 15 times! They treat the volunteers really well. I got swag just for registering, too: a cap, a women’s tee, a jersey and a water bottle. RTR typically has different start and end points with shuttling provided, as opposed to the Bike Tour of Colorado loop, which has the same start and end point. However, from what people say of either ride, RTR is better 🙂 Each year the route is different, in 2016 we went from Carbondale to Ft. Collins:
  • Death Valley: I signed up for this ride through Adventure Cycling Association with two other cycling friends from the Los Angeles area. My two other friends are 508 ride veterans–and then some, so they’ve been through Death Valley before but wanted to check out more. We used the ACA route as a ‘base’ route and did a few extra routes (Dante’s View, Daylight Pass, State Route 190). Only the craziest of us three went the full proposed distance (190 from Stovepipe to Towne Pass) in 98 degree heat. It’s also windy, so you’re not necessarily cruising on the flats. A curious experience to ride below sea level: -282 feet in Badwater Basin. Great challenge, and great awe for the surrounding environment. Day 1 of 7 video: